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The gang had just come home from the from the mystery of the ghostly scarecrow. Since the gang ad been solving cases and been helping with the police, catching villains all day, they decided to call it a day and take a break from solving cases.

Scooby Doo and the gang lived in a two story apartment, each member had their bedrooms. The only difference was that Shaggy and Scooby Doo stayed in one room together. "Hey Gang, who wants some pancakes?" Shaggy asked.

Velma looked at Shaggy. "Shaggy, seriously Pancakes are for breakfast" The other gang laughed. Fred went up to shaggy and placed his arm around shaggy. "Come on Velmster, shaggy is offering some snacks, since he loves to eat a lot why don't we have some of his recipe. A shaggy who does not eat is not a man worth to be called shaggy."

"You got that right Fred" Shaggy told him. Shaggy placed the ingredients in a bowl and he started to mix it up. After a while Daphne stood up and stretched. "Hey gang i'm going up" Daphne told them. "Why you turning in so early Daphne?" Velma asked her. Daphne shrugged. "Well i guess i just need to take my shoes off. My feet are killing me."

"You know i have been reading all about traps shaggy" Fred told shaggy. "And it seems that every year traps get bigger and better." Shaggy nodded his head. "Fred" Shaggy called him. "Me and Scooby seem to be always the live bait. How about for a change, you and Velma be the bait."

"Why me and Velma?" Fred asked Shaggy. "You guys have faster legs when it comes to monsters" Shaggy smirked. "I've just had this thought. Why do you and Daphne seem to be always going together while me Velma and Scooby always go for the creep first hand?"

"What?" Fred asked Shaggy laughing in a fake tone. "No reason, your  great sleuths shaggy and you should be glad that you have the brains with you." Shaggy smiled and he popped a Scooby snack into his mouth.

Meanwhile Daphne had just opened her bedroom upstairs. Since it was moist in her room, she opened her Windows. She felt the cool wind brush against her face. Daphne kicked her shoes off and pushed them to the side. On her top drawer she pulled out her pedicure set and she placed it beside the window on top of a coffee table.

As she opened up her Pedicure set, she opened the compartment that held the four different colors she loved, purple, green, orange and pink. Of Course she chose the pink pedicure paint and placed it on top of the table. Daphne crossed her right leg and began rubbing her calf the soles of her foot and then her toes.

When she was relaxed, She went to her bedroom door and she locked it. When it was secure, Daphne went near her laundry basket and she unhooked her pink pantyhose. Slowly she slid he pink pantyhose down revealing her soft sensual delicate skin. When she reached her ankles, she yanked her stocking off revealing her pampered toes.

"My toenails really need some tending." Daphne told herself. As she lid the other half off, she felt the wind blow on top of her feet. She giggled because the wind was slightly cold then the one before. She got a pair of lotion and rubbed it together in her palms, so that the lotion would equally spread out through her skin.

She first rubbed her feet on the floor mattress so to not collect dust when she rubbed the lotion on her foot. She began to massage the lotion on the sole of her right barefoot, working it up to her thighs, as she did so she pushed another paste of lotion onto her hand and worked the lotion around her left foot until she reached her left thigh. Least of all she cracked her toes and wiggled them a bit. "Oh that feels so good" Daphne Moaned.

Daphne got some cotton balls and she placed each cotton ball between her toes. She grabbed the pink pedicure paint and she crossed her legs. She focused intensely on her right big toe and stuck her tongue out trying to create the perfect pedicure. Inch by inch she rubbed the pink dipped pedicure brush against her big toe. As she started, everything came naturally.

When she was done painting her right toes, she rotated her ankle and tried to stretch her foot, for their was still stress beneath her soles. She crossed her left leg and began painting her other toenails. When she was done, and the pedicure was all dry, she packed her pedicure manicure set away and she stashed it in the closet. Under her bed, she found her pink rubber v cut slippers, so as to sow off her newly pedicured toes. She stretched her legs and she went downstairs.

"Hey gang!" Daphne called out. "I have a surprise here" Shaggy and Scooby Doo Rushed to Daphne Blake. "Scooby Snacks?" Shaggy asked Daphne. "No" Daphne said in a monotone. "What's up?" Fred asked. Velma Chimed in and looked at Daphne. "Do you see anything different?" Daphne asked the gang. "You are still wearing your natural Clothes" Velma told Daphne. "The same Purple dress and that green ascot of yours."

Fred looked at Daphne. "Where you going Daphne?" Fred asked her. "I'm not going anywhere" Daphne told him. Fred smirked. Daphne huffed, and she pointed her right toes forward. "Are you doing ballet?" Shaggy chimed in, as he and Scooby laugh Hysterically. Daphne tried to hold it in. She waved her her left hand gesturing to her feet. and the gang looked at Daphne's bare feet. They saw pink pedicure and very white feet.

"How do you manage to have white feet all the time Daphne?" Shaggy asked Daphne. Daphne Chuckled. "Shaggy all i do is pay attention to my feet regularly like you do to food." Daphne walked to the sofa and she sat down. "Hey gang" Daphne Blake called out to them. "Would it be OK, if i only wore slippers with my purple outfit?"

Fred looked at her. "You want to wear slippers with that purple suit and go barefoot while solving mysteries? Mostly likely you will not be able to avoid chipping a toenail, and worse especially a newly pedicured one." Daphne smiled and slowly retreated to the sofa. The gang went back to Daphne on the sofa and they all sat down to watch their favorite tv show,
Mystery Dune, sooner Daphne stopped feeling bad about her feet and decided to go along with the TV show. And that evening the gang had a memorable time.

"Hey Gang, looks like we have a mystery on our hands" Freddy told them. "Someone has is haunting the Henry's trying to get their gold. Let's get a move on." The gang hopped onto the mystery van, Daphne decide to wear her slippers and the gang went on their way.
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Daphne wearing slippers? This oughta be interesting. But hey, it's better than wearing heels
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October 15, 2010